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Career decision making in a rural school, IN Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, No 42 Apr 2019, pp26-32

Focuses on the complexity of career decision making in rural school-leavers. Draws on interviews with school-leavers examining their post-school plans. Notes that themes of proximity’, ’perceptions of home location’, ‘support network’, and ‘personal agency’ were found to influence the career decisions of the pupils. Finds that proximity was an influence when considering the destination type and destination location, with only the pupils going to university having definite plans to leave home; the perception of opportunities locally had the biggest influence on participants’ initial plans, with some acknowledging the sense of community but finding the available opportunities limiting, and factory work dominating their views of potential employment in the area; that all participants spoke of discussing their career ideas with parents/guardians and extended family, friends and teachers with immediate family having the greatest influence in career decision, largely acting to affirm the pupils’ choices; and that personal agency was the biggest influence on the subject area, destination type, and level at which the pupils chose to study. Considers the effect of access to private transport on accessibility to opportunities and suggest a longitudinal study is needed to show how plans made when leaving school match with pupils’ actual career paths.


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Ramage, Elysha
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