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Establishing a coordinated approach to employability at school level, IN Phoenix, No 157 Jun 2019, pp22-23

Reports on employability policies being implemented at Nottingham Trent University to support the career development of the student body. Describes how the university carried out an employability audit which examined employability-related provision in each school and made recommendations for ways to improve. Outlines the approach taken by Nottingham Business School, which delivered a final-year course entitled Leadership and Employability. Examines the outcomes, arguing that reactions from staff and students were mixed, but that there has been a significant increase in graduate employability from the school since implementing this module. Concludes that, going into the eighth year of delivering this module, there have been transformations in the workings of the department, with academic and career service staff working collaboratively for the benefit of the students.


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Winfield, Fiona
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