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Working class heroes- understanding access to higher education for white students from lower socio-economic backgrounds

Examines the low levels of participation in higher education (HE) of white students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in England. Outlines the problem, indicating that white British disadvantaged boys are the least likely of any large ethnic group to go to university, and describes the evidence examined in the study. Looks at the national picture, highlighting the unevenness in participation for white students from lower socio-economic backgrounds between the different types of HE providers. Considers whether there has been progress in the extent to which HE providers are supporting participation by disadvantaged white students, and presents two case studies about work to widen access. Presents the key findings and makes five recommendations, including setting specific targets for white disadvantaged students entering HE and introducing a national initiative to address the educational underperformance issue.


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Atherton, Dr Graeme; Mazhari, Dr Tuba
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National Education Opportunities Network (NEON)

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