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Career-related learning in primary: the role of primary teachers and schools in preparing children for the future

Explores the role of primary teachers and schools in preparing children for the future. Uses an international literature review, including contributions from 12 OECD countries, a qualitative online survey of primary schools, complemented by in-depth case studies of good and interesting policies and practices, and an expert panel discussion. Examines why career development and career-related learning is important in primary schools. Discusses what good and interesting policies and practices look like. Considers the role of teachers and leaders in this context. Addresses what schools should aspire to when providing career-related learning, and sets out the existing evidence on how developing staff roles and responsibilities can help to improve student outcomes. Reflects on teacher attitudes towards career-related learning, the structure of career-related learning, and the challenges and solutions associated with providing career-related learning in their schools. Summarises the contributions of a range of expert witnesses on: teachers’ roles and responsibilities; the characteristics of a good and interesting provision; possible outcomes of career-related learning in primary schools; the expected positive impacts on children; the evaluation to evidence impact; frameworks, standards and accreditation; the frameworks, training or benchmarks needed for special educational needs schools; and teacher training and support need. Makes recommendations for consideration of Teach First and other allied interested organisations and professionals.


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Kashefpakdel, Elnaz; Rehill, Jordan; Hug, Deirdre
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Education and Employers Research

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