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The impact of career guidance on the mental well-being of young people (briefing paper)

Looks at the potential for career guidance to contribute to the mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 15-25 years. Considers the economic impact of youth mental health conditions on adulthood and the link between unemployment and mental ill health. Notes that career guidance has a number of features likely to promote positive wellbeing, including recognising strengths, a focus on the future, setting achievable goals, and building a social identity through work. Suggests that career service organisations have access to the key target youth populations for public mental health interventions and that career guidance can be embedded in programmes to support unemployed young people, as well as being likely to complement psycho-educational interventions designed to promote resilience. Concludes that the prevention and amelioration of the mental health scarring effects of youth unemployment should be a priority area for action.


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Robertson, Pete
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Career Development Institute

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