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Demographic variations in placement choice: an investigation into reasons behind placement choice and demographic variations in those choices, specifically with a cohort of second and final year Sheffield Hallam University Bioscience and Chemistry students

Looks at the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey outcomes of placement and non-placement students, and year-long placement choice and barriers to that choice for a cohort of second and final year Sheffield Hallam University Bioscience and Chemistry students. Finds that outcomes were significantly improved by doing a sandwich placement despite demographic variations, for example mature students were significantly more likely to be unemployed and had the lowest proportion of students progressing into highly skilled employment or postgraduate study. Notes that most students believed a placement year would improve their job chances, while only 13.1% felt they had enough relevant work and over 70% agreed that experience was more important than salary. Reveals that more than half of the students were anxious about the placement application process and indicates that those potentially most in need of placements were the least likely to get them. Makes recommendations to reduce the barriers to disadvantaged groups, including the use of a compulsory careers questionnaire; practical assistance in the form of bursaries, childcare and internal placements; and the need for employer networking activities.


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Abbott, Nicola
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