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Choices that students make between different post-18 routes and whether these choices are effective and reliably informed: review of relevant literature and evidence - final report

Presents a review of literature and evidence into choices that students make between academic, technical, and vocational routes after 18, and whether these choices are effective and reliably informed. Uses a rapid evidence assessment based on a focused review of relevant academic, peer-reviewed journal articles and a review of relevant grey literature published on websites of relevant national and international organisations. Looks at how individuals make choices between the academic, technical and vocational routes after the age of 18. Examines the choices within further education and higher education, which factors influenced choice of provider, course and where to study. Explores how information about finance influences choices, and the extent to which finance influences decisions depending on different countries’ funding systems. Considers whether mature students’ decisions, and the content of those decisions, are in any way different from those of young people.


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Dickinson, Peter
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Department for Education (DfE)

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