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Impact of the student finance system on participation, experience and outcomes of disadvantaged young people: literature review

Looks at the impact of the post-18 student financial support system on socioeconomically disadvantaged young people, and assesses the evidence on the impact of the recent and major changes in student financial support. Uses a rapid evidence assessment literature review of published literature and grey research. Sets out the major changes to the student finance system in England, and notes the latest statistical data on the various strands of government student support, and the financial support provided by institutions through their access agreements. Considers the impact of the student finance system on young people, their access to higher education, and participation decisions in terms of whether and where to study. Examines attitudes to, and concerns about, student debt, and the influence this has on higher education decisions and choices. Assesses the impact of the student finance system on young people’s student experience and retention on courses. Reflects on the impact of the student finance system on study outcomes and the levels of debt on graduation. Concludes that finance is just one potential barrier within a wider set of challenges and factors which influence, not only participation in higher education, but also experiences once in higher education and beyond.


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Pollard, Emma et al
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Department for Education (DfE)

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