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Motivated to achieve: how encounters with the world of work can change attitudes and improve academic attainment

Reports on the outcome of a pilot study into the effect careers talks have on young people’s attitudes to school and their attainment at GCSE level. Draws on data from 650 students in their GCSE year in schools across England who took part in a randomised controlled trial. Explains that 307 of them received three extra career talks, given by volunteers from the world of work, on top of their usual career activities. Finds that students who were given the extra careers talks improved their motivation to study harder, were more positive about the usefulness of school and more confident about fulfilling their career aspirations. Reports that there was a very modest increase in GCSE attainment (not statistically significant) and that lower achievers and less engaged learners responded best to the intervention. Considers that a larger trial is needed to test and replicate the findings.


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Kashefpakdel, Elnaz; Percy, Christian; Rehill, Jordan
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Education and Employers Research

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