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What motivates people to teach, and why do they leave? Accountability, performativity and teacher retention, IN British Journal of Education Studies, Mar 2019 [2019] External document

Explores the reasons why people enter and leave the teaching profession, drawing on the results of a survey of teacher education graduates from a London college. Outlines the policy context, explainin...

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Plenty of jobs in the sea (aquaculture as a career for young people), IN Holyrood, (Skills and Apprenticeships, Feb 2019 supplement), pp16-17 [2019]

Looks at aquaculture as a career for young people in the Highlands and Islands. Notes the high proportion of young people working in salmon farming. Stresses that these jobs are highly-skilled and wel...

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The contrasting characteristics and destinations of GCSE lower attainers in English core city regions [2019] External document

Examines the characteristics and destinations of GCSE lower attainers in English core city regions. Defines ‘low attainers’ as young people who did not achieve grade 4/C or above in both English and m...

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Why don’t more girls choose to pursue a science career? (PISA in focus No 93) [2019] External document

Examines the nature of the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions. Reports on a study using data from 67 countries and economies participating in the 2015 cy...

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Closing the regional attainment gap [2019] Full document External document

Examines the attainment gap in school exam results in England between pupils from different social backgrounds. Explores the origins of differences in school outcomes between areas and efforts that ha...

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Working class heroes- understanding access to higher education for white students from lower socio-economic backgrounds [2019] External document

Examines the low levels of participation in higher education (HE) of white students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in England. Outlines the problem, indicating that white British disadvantaged ...

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Career-related learning in primary: the role of primary teachers and schools in preparing children for the future [2019] External document

Explores the role of primary teachers and schools in preparing children for the future. Uses an international literature review, including contributions from 12 OECD countries, a qualitative online su...

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Envisioning the future of education and jobs: trends, data and drawings [2019] External document

Explores how children can be educated across the globe most effectively in a rapidly changing world. Utilises data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as well as in...

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Do tax cuts produce more Einsteins? The impact of financial incentives vs. exposure to innovation on the supply of inventors (Centre for Economic Performance discussion paper no 1597) [2019] Full document External document

Presents empirical evidence on how financial incentives, ranging from tax incentives to research and development grants, affect individuals’ decisions to pursue careers in innovation. Finds that the p...

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Information, expectations and transition to higher education [2019] Full document External document

Investigates how differences in information about the availability of financial aid, university admission requirements, academic ability and the labour market returns to a university degree can explai...


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