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Predicting entrepreneurial career intentions: values and the theory of planned behaviour, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2018, pp457-475 [2018] External document

Examines the mechanisms through which the human values of individuals are related to entrepreneurial career intentions, drawing on a survey of university students in four European countries. Outlines ...

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Relationships among supports and barriers and career and educational outcomes: a meta-analytic investigation, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2018, pp395-412 [2018]

Explores the roles of environmental supports and barriers in career and educational development, drawing on the results of a meta-analysis of published literature. Explains that interest in the relati...

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Does happiness promote career success? Revisiting the evidence, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 2 May 2018, pp199-219 [2018]

Looks at empirical research to examine whether happiness causes career success. Finds that cross-sectional literature shows that happiness is positively associated with job autonomy, job satisfaction...

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Experiential work-based learning as a social mobility mechanism for widening participation students, IN Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, No 38 Apr 2017, pp44-51 [2017]

Considers the impact of an experiential work-based learning (WBL) programme aimed at enhancing the career development and social mobility of disadvantaged cohorts. Looks at changes in employability-re...

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Integrating job loss, unemployment, and reemployment with social cognitive career theory, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 25 No 1 Feb 2017, pp40-57 [2017] External document

Explores how job loss and recovery can be understood through the lens of social cognitive career theory’s career self-management (SCCT-CSM) model. Presents an overview of SCCT. Looks at social cogniti...

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Career choice and calling: integrating calling and social cognitive career theory, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 23 No 3 Aug 2015, pp383-398 [2015]

Examines the extent to which a sense of calling affects career choice attitudes. Tests the extent to which calling is related to career outcome expectations, interests and goals, through a study base...

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Career decision making in island communities: applying the concept of the aquapelago to the Shetland and Orkney Islands, IN Shima: the International Journal of Research into Island Cultures, Vol 9 No 1 2015, pp38-52 [2015] Full document External document

Explores the concept of the 'aquapelago' in the context of young islanders' career decisions in Orkney and Shetland. Discusses: career decision-making in island contexts; understanding the island cont...

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Volunteering and reemployment status in unemployed emerging adults: a time-worthy investment, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 23 No 1 Feb 2015, pp152-165 [2015]

Investigates the relationships between volunteering, length of unemployment, likelihood/quality of reemployment and job search strategies in a sample of emerging adults. Draws on the results of an onl...

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Do NEETs need grit? (IZA discussion paper no 8740) [2014] External document

Investigates the relationship between personality traits in adolescence and education and labour market choices. Focuses on the impact of grit (a tendency and ability to sustain interest in long term ...

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Market thickness and the early labour market career of university graduates: an urban advantage?, IN Spatial Economic Analysis, Vol 9 No 4 Dec 2014, pp396-419 [2014]

Draws on Swedish micro-level panel data on a cohort of university graduates to analyse the preferences of new graduates for starting their careers in large urban regions. Hypothesises that the job mar...


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