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Careers education - are we preaching to the converted? [2018] External document

Investigates whether higher education students who choose to take part in credit-bearing careers education are more motivated and would have experienced positive employment outcomes regardless. Focuse...

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Personal guidance: what works? [2018] External document

Looks at the research base on personal guidance between a careers adviser and a young person, which considers personal effectiveness, including self-awareness and self-esteem, career readiness, and ed...

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Predicting entrepreneurial career intentions: values and the theory of planned behaviour, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2018, pp457-475 [2018] External document

Examines the mechanisms through which the human values of individuals are related to entrepreneurial career intentions, drawing on a survey of university students in four European countries. Outlines ...

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Relationships among supports and barriers and career and educational outcomes: a meta-analytic investigation, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2018, pp395-412 [2018]

Explores the roles of environmental supports and barriers in career and educational development, drawing on the results of a meta-analysis of published literature. Explains that interest in the relati...

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Does happiness promote career success? Revisiting the evidence, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 2 May 2018, pp199-219 [2018]

Looks at empirical research to examine whether happiness causes career success. Finds that cross-sectional literature shows that happiness is positively associated with job autonomy, job satisfaction...

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Experiential work-based learning as a social mobility mechanism for widening participation students, IN Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, No 38 Apr 2017, pp44-51 [2017]

Considers the impact of an experiential work-based learning (WBL) programme aimed at enhancing the career development and social mobility of disadvantaged cohorts. Looks at changes in employability-re...

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Integrating job loss, unemployment, and reemployment with social cognitive career theory, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 25 No 1 Feb 2017, pp40-57 [2017] External document

Explores how job loss and recovery can be understood through the lens of social cognitive career theory’s career self-management (SCCT-CSM) model. Presents an overview of SCCT. Looks at social cogniti...

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Career choice and calling: integrating calling and social cognitive career theory, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 23 No 3 Aug 2015, pp383-398 [2015]

Examines the extent to which a sense of calling affects career choice attitudes. Tests the extent to which calling is related to career outcome expectations, interests and goals, through a study base...

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Career decision making in island communities: applying the concept of the aquapelago to the Shetland and Orkney Islands, IN Shima: the International Journal of Research into Island Cultures, Vol 9 No 1 2015, pp38-52 [2015] Full document External document

Explores the concept of the 'aquapelago' in the context of young islanders' career decisions in Orkney and Shetland. Discusses: career decision-making in island contexts; understanding the island cont...

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Volunteering and reemployment status in unemployed emerging adults: a time-worthy investment, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 23 No 1 Feb 2015, pp152-165 [2015]

Investigates the relationships between volunteering, length of unemployment, likelihood/quality of reemployment and job search strategies in a sample of emerging adults. Draws on the results of an onl...


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