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Does happiness promote career success? Revisiting the evidence, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 2 May 2018, pp199-219 [2018]

Looks at empirical research to examine whether happiness causes career success. Finds that cross-sectional literature shows that happiness is positively associated with job autonomy, job satisfaction...

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OECD concludes that careers advice justifies public investment, IN 14-19 Learning and Skills Bulletin, No 270 11 July, pp8-9 [2018]

Reports on a paper by the OECD, ‘Working it Out: Career Guidance and Employer Engagement’, which analyses the need for, and delivery of, career guidance in OECD countries. Highlights the difficulties ...

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Career education that works: an economic analysis using the British Cohort Study, IN Journal of Education and Work, Vol 30 No 1-4 Jan-Jun 2017, pp217-234 [2017] External document

Reports on what works in career education. Draws on the British Cohort Study 1970. Considers whether wage premiums observed by young British adults with higher levels of teenage school-mediated workpl...

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Intentions after graduation survey (IAGS) cognitive report [2017] External document

Outlines the work of IFF Research to develop and test a new version of the Intentions After Graduation Survey (IAGS), commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). Explain...

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Careers work in England's schools: politics, practices and prospects, IN British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, Vol 45 No 4 Aug 2017, pp427-440 [2017]

Provides an overview of careers work in English schools over the past five years and the impact of government policies. Notes that with the fall in the number of teenagers in part-time employment whil...

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Young people's experience of education and training from 15-24 years [2017] Full document External document

Reports on the findings of a study, carried out by SQW in partnership with Young Scot, into young people’s experience of the education and training system in Scotland. Outlines the main stages of the ...

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How is pre-HE careers guidance impacting on career readiness?, IN Graduate Market Trends, Winter 2017, pp18-19 [2017]

Considers the impact of the fragmentation of careers education and guidance in schools and colleges on the career readiness of students, drawing on the results of a survey of Liverpool John Moores Uni...

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New strategy to transform the quality of careers education, advice and guidance for young people [2016] External document

Presents some personal suggestions from the author about what should be included in the government’s upcoming strategy to improve careers education and careers guidance in schools in England. Draws o...

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Careers education: international literature review [2016] External document

Provides an overview of the evidence-base underpinning careers education, and its impact on pupils’ skills and outcomes. Uses a literature review of 73 studies focused on careers education, and 23 exp...

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Research-based knowledge: researchers’ contribution to evidence-based practice and policy making in career guidance, IN International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, Vol 16 No 1 Mar 2016, pp137-152 [2016]

Examines evidence-based practice and policymaking in the provision of careers guidance services. Explores the evidence available and identifies the issues for which more evidence is needed. Argues fo...


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