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Predicting entrepreneurial career intentions: values and the theory of planned behaviour, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2018, pp457-475 [2018] External document

Examines the mechanisms through which the human values of individuals are related to entrepreneurial career intentions, drawing on a survey of university students in four European countries. Outlines ...

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Missed your potential? (AI and people analytics transforming learning and careers), IN Training Journal, Aug 2018, pp26-29 [2018]

Explores how artificial intelligence (AI) and people analytics can transform learning. Reflects on the opportunities to support and direct people towards training and careers where they are successful...

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Working it out: career guidance and employer engagement [2018] External document

Reports on the importance of career guidance for young people and discusses good career guidance practice in schools in the thirty-six countries that make up the Organisation for Economic Co-operatio...

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OECD concludes that careers advice justifies public investment, IN 14-19 Learning and Skills Bulletin, No 270 11 July, pp8-9 [2018]

Reports on a paper by the OECD, ‘Working it Out: Career Guidance and Employer Engagement’, which analyses the need for, and delivery of, career guidance in OECD countries. Highlights the difficulties ...

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An advisor like me: does gender matter? (Institute of Labor Economics discussion paper no 11575) [2018] External document

Presents causal evidence on the effects of gender congruence in the student-adviser relationship in respect of student retention, grades, and post-graduation career outcomes using unique administrativ...

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Delivering digital skills: a guide to preparing the workforce for an inclusive digital economy [2018] External document

Considers why governments should address the need for digital skills and identifies barriers to upskilling the workforce for digitisation, including perception that learning is only for the young, lac...

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Closing the skills gap across the pond (career academy model in a Massachusetts school), IN Training Journal, Apr 2018, pp30-31 [2018]

Describes the innovative ‘career academy’ model adopted in Atlantis Charter School in Fall River, Massachusetts in an attempt to help address the skills gap in the US. Discusses the problem of the ski...

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The impact of career development activities on PISA mathematics tests: an analysis of data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [2017] External document

Assesses the theory that young people who engage in career development activities, organised by schools and including exposure to the workplace, will be associated with higher test results in the PIS...

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Career education that works: an economic analysis using the British Cohort Study, IN Journal of Education and Work, Vol 30 No 1-4 Jan-Jun 2017, pp217-234 [2017] External document

Reports on what works in career education. Draws on the British Cohort Study 1970. Considers whether wage premiums observed by young British adults with higher levels of teenage school-mediated workpl...

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Business games and competitions: what works? [2017] External document

Explores the use of business games and competitions to support schools, colleges and careers programme providers in preparing young people for work. Outlines the ways in which business games and enter...


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