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Personal guidance: what works? [2018] External document

Looks at the research base on personal guidance between a careers adviser and a young person, which considers personal effectiveness, including self-awareness and self-esteem, career readiness, and ed...

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Building reflective capability to enhance coaching practice, IN Coaching Psychologist, Vol 13 No 1 Jun 2017, pp4-12 [2017]

Explores the use of reflective practice in the workplace, and looks at ways to build reflective capacity in coaching practice. Outlines the origins and theories of reflective practice and considers it...

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Career guidance in communities: a model for reflexive practice [2017] External document

Discusses a research project on career guidance in communities and presents a model for reflexive practice which takes the collective as a starting point for the development of career guidance activit...

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How is pre-HE careers guidance impacting on career readiness?, IN Graduate Market Trends, Winter 2017, pp18-19 [2017]

Considers the impact of the fragmentation of careers education and guidance in schools and colleges on the career readiness of students, drawing on the results of a survey of Liverpool John Moores Uni...

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Only qualifications count: exploring perceptions of continuing professional development within the career guidance sector, IN British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, Vol 44 No 4 Aug 2016, pp466-476 [2016]

Explores the views of a group of career development practitioners undertaking a postgraduate qualification as part of continuing professional development (CPD). Outlines the reasons why CPD is importa...

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Why do adaptable people feel less insecure? Indirect effects of career adaptability on job and career insecurity via two types of perceived marketability, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 24 No 2 May 2016, pp289-306 [2016]

Develops and tests an indirect effect model to explain why career adaptability is linked to job and career insecurity. Explores whether career adaptability is positively related to perceived internal ...

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Cross-lagged relationships between person-based resources, self-perceptions, and career and life satisfaction in young adults, IN International Journal of Educational and Vocational Guidance, Vol 16 No 2 Jul 2016, pp169-188 [2016] Full document

Tests the across-time relationships between the person-based resources of assimilation (or goal pursuit) and accommodation (or goal adjustment) of two well-being outcomes (satisfaction with career pro...

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Career guidance in unstable times: linking economic, social and individual benefits [2015] External document

Presents an EU briefing note on career guidance and how to respond to the challenges of economic crisis, social exclusion and uncertain careers. Argues that guidance and counselling can help individua...

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Health inequality and careers, IN British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, Vol 42 No 3 Jun 2014, pp338-351 [2014]

Examines the relationship between health inequalities and careers in the UK. Argues that the British labour market tends to result in fragmented career paths for lower socioeconomic groups and that th...

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The problem with women? Challenges posed by gender for career guidance practice, IN International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, Vol 14 No 1 Mar 2014, pp77-88 [2014]

Examines the career development of older women (aged 45-65) in Australia, Argentina, Germany, Italy, England and South Africa. Argues that current career theory fails to adequately address the comple...


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