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Free movement, open borders and global gains from labor mobility (Centre for Research & Analysis of Migration discussion paper no 04/19) [2019] External document

Investigates the benefits of free movement of labour across the world looking at the extent and distribution of gains to be made by liberalising migration. Explores different economic models evaluatin...

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Pick up the pace: the slowdown in educational attainment and its widespread effects [2019] External document

Discusses the state of educational attainment in the UK in the context of Brexit and the potential consequences of a reduction in migration from the EU to the UK. Looks at the rapid growth in educatio...

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Managing migration after Brexit [2019] External document

Looks at the UK immigration system, covering both EU and non-EU migration, and considers how a new immigration system can be designed post-Brexit. Investigates the scale of the task facing the Governm...

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UK immigration policy after leaving the EU: impacts on Scotland's economy, population and society [2019] Full document External document

Investigates how the ending of free movement and future UK immigration policy will affect Scotland. Considers the proposals outlined in the UK Government’s White Paper, ‘The UK’s future skills-based i...

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‘Fuller’ or ‘extended’ working lives? Critical perspectives on changing transitions from work to retirement, IN Ageing and Society, Vol 39 No 3 Mar 2019, pp629-650 [2019]

Considers the basis for the consensus that has emerged around extending working life (EWL) and some of the limitations of this perspective, focusing on issues relating to attitudes to retirement, demo...

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Returns to work after retirement: a prospective study of unretirement in the United Kingdom, IN Ageing and Society, Vol 39 No 3 Mar 2019, pp439-464 [2019]

Uses data from the British Household Survey to examine unretirement, which is defined as reporting being retired and subsequently recommencing paid employment or beginning full-time work following par...

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Immigration policy: the countdown to Brexit (SPICe briefing no SB19-05) [2019] Full document External document

Reports on how planned changes to the UK immigration system after Brexit will affect Scotland. Outlines the main decisions, proposals, and responses regarding immigration in a post-Brexit UK since th...

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Ethnicity and nationality in the Irish labour market [2019] Full document External document

Examines Central Statistics Office data from the Quarterly National Household Survey Equality Modules from 2004, 2010 and 2014 to capture how labour market outcomes and the experience of discriminatio...

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Occupational recognition and immigrant labor market outcomes [2019] External document

Explores how the formal recognition of immigrants’ foreign occupational qualifications affects their subsequent labour market outcomes. Explains that occupational recognition gives immigrants access t...

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Striking a balance: reconciling work and life in the EU [2019] External document

Examines how people in the European Union balance work with other aspects of life, where they struggle to reconcile the two, and what is most important when striving for work/life balance. Outlines th...


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