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Why are we still seeing age discrimination when hiring senior workers?, IN Human Resource (HR), Sep 2018, pp42-44 [2018]

Explores five key misconceptions about workers over the age of fifty and makes recommendations for how they can be overcome. Describes how age discrimination was outlawed in the UK in 2006, but argue...

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Older workers and employer-provided training in the Netherlands: a vignette study, IN Ageing and Society, Vol 38 No 10 Oct 2018, pp1995-2018 [2018]

Examines employer attitudes to providing training for older workers, drawing on the results of a vignette experiment involving employers in the Netherlands. Outlines the context for the study, highlig...

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Labor market effects of demographic shifts and migration in OECD countries [2018] External document

Uses data for OECD countries on age, education and place of birth across two decades to explore the relative and aggregate effects of these three forces on wages. Finds that variation in the age and e...

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Long-run trends in the economic activity of older people in the UK [2018] External document

Investigates trends in the employment rates of older men and women in the UK over the last forty years using data from the UK Labour Force Survey. Discusses economic factors (both the macroeconomic si...

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Migrant labour in Scottish agriculture (Scottish Parliament Information Centre briefing SB 18-71) [2018] Full document External document

Examines the demand for seasonal workers in the Scottish agricultural and horticultural sector, focusing on the demand for foreign employees. Notes that during the last two years, some farmers have be...

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Younger workers’ attitudes and perceptions towards older colleagues, IN Working with Older People, Vol 22 No 3 2018, pp129-138 [2018]

Investigates younger workers’ perceptions of older colleagues, including whether there is evidence of ageism. Reports that convenience sampling was used to recruit ten individuals who were both below ...

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Barriers for highly qualified A8 immigrants in the UK labour market, IN Work, Employment and Society, Vol 32 No 5 Oct 2018, pp906-924 [2018]

Examines over-qualification among A8 migrants (those from 2004 EU accession countries in Eastern and Central Europe) in the UK. Uses the Annual Population Survey from 2005-2012 to investigate whether ...

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The impact of migration on productivity and native-born workers' training (Institute of Labor Economics discussion paper no 11833) [2018] External document

Explores the relationship between migration and productivity in the UK, first considering conceptually different mechanisms such as within-firm complementarities, within-sector spillovers, and incenti...

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Immobility and the Brexit vote [2018] External document

Explores the role of mobility or internal migration in the Brexit referendum. Observes that popular explanations of the EU referendum result have centred on the division between locally-oriented, geog...

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Job changes and interregional migration of graduates, IN Regional Studies, Vol 52 No 10 Oct 2018, pp1346-1359 [2018]

Analyses determinants of graduates' decisions to out-migrate from a region and how the importance of these determinants varies over job changes. Uses panel data from a German graduate survey, and esti...


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