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Family-friendly workplaces: overview of policies and initiatives in Europe [2018] Full document External document

Reports on various policies and initiatives in European Union (EU) member states that support family-friendly workplaces. Defines family-friendly workplaces as those that provide flexibility in workin...

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Labour market outcomes of older versus younger apprentices: a comparison of earnings differentials (Discussion paper no 016) [2018] External document

Compares the earnings of people who have completed an apprenticeship with those who started at the same level but did not complete. Describes how the number of people starting an apprenticeship who ar...

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Accessible virtual learning environments: making the most of the new regulations [2018] External document

Reports on new digital accessibility regulations put in place in September 2018 and offers guidance on how further and higher education providers and the UK Government can best implement the regulatio...

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Bridging the gender pay gap: where now?, IN Human Resource (HR), Sep 2018, pp20-27 [2018]

Explores the gender pay gap in the UK and discusses current ways in which it is being measured and addressed. Describes the recent gender pay gap reporting initiative, which requires companies with 25...

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Vocational skills, IN Special Children, No 244 Sep/Oct 2018, pp11-13 [2018]

Examines how pupils with learning and physical disabilities at Saxon Hill Academy have picked up vocational skills by working for Saxon Hill Connect: a community interest company that transforms recyc...

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Why are we still seeing age discrimination when hiring senior workers?, IN Human Resource (HR), Sep 2018, pp42-44 [2018]

Explores five key misconceptions about workers over the age of fifty and makes recommendations for how they can be overcome. Describes how age discrimination was outlawed in the UK in 2006, but argue...

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Early activation and employment promotion [2018] Full document External document

Reports on the effectiveness of services designed to support jobseekers and remove barriers to employment. Analyses intensive support packages comprising of preventative dismissal measures; counsellin...

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Paternity and parental leave policies across the European Union: assessment of current provision [2018] Full document External document

Offers an overview of current paternity and parental leave policies in European Union (EU) Member States. Analyses current policies in individual countries against the changes proposed in the Europea...

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Diversity and inclusion at work: facing up to the business case [2018] External document

Reports on research looking at the business case for promoting diversity and inclusivity at work. Presents the outcomes of a rapid evidence assessment (REA) of published scientific research on the top...

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Why not physics? A snapshot of girls' uptake at A-level [2018] External document

Provides a snapshot of girls’ uptake at A-level physics in England. Comments that if as many girls studied A-level physics as boys, there would be 15,000 additional young people qualified to move int...


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