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A field guide to the future of work [2019] External document

Explores the future of the labour market in the United Kingdom and how technological developments, constantly changing consumer markets, and austerity are considerable influences. Presents this agend...

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Entrepreneurial health and wellbeing (SOTA review no 29) [2019] External document

Reviews the existing evidence on different aspects of entrepreneurial well-being and attempts to identify gaps in the evidence base on this aspect of entrepreneurial activity. Looks at some of the iss...

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Work-life balance for all: best practice examples from EU Member States [2019] Full document External document

Presents 20 best practice examples of EU-funded projects that have promoted work-life balance in the EU’s Member States. Explains that balancing professional and family life is a key priority of the E...

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Impact of the student finance system on participation, experience and outcomes of disadvantaged young people: literature review [2019] Full document External document

Looks at the impact of the post-18 student financial support system on socioeconomically disadvantaged young people, and assesses the evidence on the impact of the recent and major changes in student ...

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Public investment, public gain: how public investment in the arts generates economic value across the creative industries and beyond [2019] External document

Examines the ways in which the investment of public money in the arts generates economic value for the UK. Provides a snapshot with key facts and statistics highlighting the economic impact of arts an...

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Closing the employment gap for young people: a toolkit for those supporting 16–25-year olds experiencing common mental health problems to gain and stay in work [2019] External document

Presents a toolkit to improve understanding about the link between common mental health problems and employment for 16-25-year olds, and to support effective practice by those working with young peopl...

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Pace of change in gender pay remains funereal, IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 36 No 3 May/Jun 2019, pp39-40 [2019]

Looks at progress in closing the gender pay gap in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Explains that annual returns submitted by larger companies indicate that fewer than half of employers have succeede...

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Idea exchange: employment special, IN Local Government Chronicle, No 7742 May 2019, pp50-55 [2019]

Presents three articles on initiatives in England helping to reduce unemployment. Discusses the Working Well Early Help programme set up in Manchester in 2014 to support residents with health conditio...

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And now for the bad news (gender pay gap), IN People Management, May 2019, pp28-31, 33-35 [2019]

Looks at the lack of progress in addressing the gender pay gap in the workplace, and considers ways in which it might be addressed by employers. Explains that the second round of mandatory gender pay ...

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Sexual harassment of LGBT people in the workplace [2019] External document

Examines the sexual harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people at work, drawing on the findings of a survey of LGBT people. Outlines the definition of sexual harassment, who i...


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