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A field guide to the future of work [2019] External document

Explores the future of the labour market in the United Kingdom and how technological developments, constantly changing consumer markets, and austerity are considerable influences. Presents this agend...

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Work is still not flexible enough, IN Labour Research, Vol 108 No 1 Jan 2019, pp16-18 [2019]

Looks at issues relating to the application of flexible working practices in the workplace, drawing on the results of surveys of trade union members and other workers. Indicates that, despite improve...

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Setting the record straight: how record employment has changed the UK [2019] External document

Explores how employment levels in Britain have changed. Analyses Labour Market Statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Notes that in 2018, a decade on from the recession, the employm...

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A new start? Negotiations of age and chrononormativity by older apprentices in England, IN Ageing and Society, Vol 38 No 8 Aug 2018, pp1667-1692 [2019]

Explores the experiences of older workers undertaking an apprenticeship in England, drawing on qualitative research involving older apprentices and managers/trainers. Outlines the policy context, indi...

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Work-retirement cultures: a further piece of the puzzle to explain differences in the labour market participation of older people in Europe, IN Ageing and Society, Vol 38 No 8 Aug 2018, pp1527-1555 [2019]

Examines the extent to which culture helps explain differences in labour market participation of older people across Europe, drawing on analysis of the European Social Survey. Discusses theoretical co...

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Gendered STEM career choices: altruistic values, beliefs, and identity, IN Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vol 110 Part A Jan 2019, pp28-42 [2019] External document

Looks at how altruism and femininity may differentiate membership in STEM (science, technology engineering and maths) fields in the context of the underrepresentation of women in many such professions...

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Family-friendly workplaces: overview of policies and initiatives in Europe [2018] Full document External document

Reports on various policies and initiatives in European Union (EU) member states that support family-friendly workplaces. Defines family-friendly workplaces as those that provide flexibility in workin...

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Labour market outcomes of older versus younger apprentices: a comparison of earnings differentials (Discussion paper no 016) [2018] External document

Compares the earnings of people who have completed an apprenticeship with those who started at the same level but did not complete. Describes how the number of people starting an apprenticeship who ar...

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Accessible virtual learning environments: making the most of the new regulations [2018] External document

Reports on new digital accessibility regulations put in place in September 2018 and offers guidance on how further and higher education providers and the UK Government can best implement the regulatio...

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Bridging the gender pay gap: where now?, IN Human Resource (HR), Sep 2018, pp20-27 [2018]

Explores the gender pay gap in the UK and discusses current ways in which it is being measured and addressed. Describes the recent gender pay gap reporting initiative, which requires companies with 25...


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