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A field guide to the future of work [2019] External document

Explores the future of the labour market in the United Kingdom and how technological developments, constantly changing consumer markets, and austerity are considerable influences. Presents this agend...

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Embedding work and related outcomes into social prescribing: overcoming challenges and maximising opportunities [2019] External document

Explores the role of social prescribing services and considers whether ‘high level’ policy-makers aspirations to enhance the focus on work and related outcomes in social prescribing have come closer t...

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Employment support for over 50s: rapid evidence review [2019] Full document External document

Examines the effectiveness of active labour market policies to address the challenges of worklessness and involuntary economic inactivity among people aged 50 and over, drawing on the results of an in...

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Do the maths (algorithm-generated rotas), IN Human Resources (HR), Jul/Aug 2019, pp32-33 [2019]

Explores the benefits and drawbacks of using algorithms to allocate work. Describes how this approach has been utilised effectively in the gig economy sector for years by companies such as Uber and De...

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Graduate outcomes (LEO): regional outcomes, 2016 to 2017 [2019] Full document External document

Examines the employment and earnings outcomes of higher education (HE) graduates according to their geographic location in the 2016-2017 tax year. Presents headline findings indicating that a large pr...

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Good value for money? Public investment in ‘replacement care’ for working carers in England, IN Social Policy and Society, Vol 18 No 3 Jul 2019, pp365-382 [2019]

Estimates the public expenditure costs of the provision of paid services to people cared for by working carers (‘replacement care’) using data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing and 2015-1...

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In the zone? Have enterprise zones delivered the jobs they promised? [2019] External document

Assesses how well enterprise zones has performed five years after their inception in 2012. Uses data from the Office for National Statistics’ Business Structure Database. Looks at the impact of the fi...

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Cities in action: workplace automation [2019] External document

Discusses the impact of automation on the workforce and how to respond to this. Argues that the UK’s most effective policy response to workplace automation will be place-based. Looks at the internatio...

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Employee wellbeing: the impact on productivity and firm performance, IN CentrePiece, Vol 24 No 2 Summer 2019 [2019]

Explores the relationship between employee wellbeing and the productivity and performance of companies, drawing on the finding of a meta-analysis of independent studies involving 1.8 million employee...

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Job brokerage in in-work progression programmes: learning from the Step Up pilot [2019] External document

Explores the learning from a pilot programme to support employment progression by low paid workers, drawing on the results of a roundtable with a range of representatives and stakeholders. Outlines th...


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