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A field guide to the future of work [2019] External document

Explores the future of the labour market in the United Kingdom and how technological developments, constantly changing consumer markets, and austerity are considerable influences. Presents this agend...

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Employer methods for addressing the gender pay gap [2019] Full document External document

Examines the gender pay gap in Scotland and how to address it. Uses qualitative interviews with a range of public and private employers. Provides an overview of the gender pay gap in Scotland and outl...

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What is ‘Good Work’ and why does it matter? [2019] External document

Discusses the concept of ‘Good Work’ highlighting that, as employment rates increase, there has been a growing interest in the quality, rather than the quantity, of work available. Considers that ther...

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Plans that work: employment outcomes for people with learning disabilities [2019] Full document External document

Examines the barriers to employment for young people with learning disabilities and ways to improve the support services provided. Looks at employment outcomes for people with learning disabilities i...

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What motivates people to teach, and why do they leave? Accountability, performativity and teacher retention, IN British Journal of Education Studies, Mar 2019 [2019] External document

Explores the reasons why people enter and leave the teaching profession, drawing on the results of a survey of teacher education graduates from a London college. Outlines the policy context, explainin...

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“You say you’re inclusive…but would you welcome me into your team?” (Transgender people), IN People Management, Oct 2019, pp26-29, 31-32 [2019]

Reports on the workplace experiences of transgender people who have transitioned, noting that human resource professionals are not only less likely to understand or feel comfortable around them, but c...

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Are flexible work arrangements associated with lower levels of chronic stress-related biomarkers? A study of 6025 employees in the UK Household Longitudinal Study, IN Sociology, 2019, pp1-21 [2019] External document

Examines whether the availability and use of different flexible work arrangements are associated with lower allostatic load in a large representative study of UK adults. Explains that allostatic load ...

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Are they sitting comfortably? (workplace surveillance), IN People Management, Oct 2018, pp34-37 [2019]

Looks at concerns about employee monitoring, particularly in the light of emerging technologies. Notes that the growing market, which monitors everything from number of keyboard strokes, social media ...

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Have mobile devices changed working patterns in the 21st Century? A time-diary analysis of work extension in the UK, IN Work, Employment and Society, Vol 33 No 1 Feb 2019, pp3-20 [2019] External document

Looks at whether information and communication technologies (ICT) have facilitated an increase in work extension practices, and whether ICTs have strengthened links between work extension practices an...

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Mind the gap (gender pay gap), IN Architects’ Journal, Vol 246 No 3 14 Feb 2019, pp8-11 [2019]

Presents key findings from the AJ Working in Architecture Survey which shows how pay gaps persist from entry level all the way to the top. Notes that 82% of respondents back the government’s legislati...


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