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A tech mindset is the engineering qualification that matters [2018] External document

Reports on new technology in the engineering industry with the aim of understanding how this will impact skills training and development. Highlights the possibility of automation replacing jobs in th...

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Beyond the campus boundary: enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the West Midlands, IN Phoenix, No 155 Oct 2018, pp8-9 [2018]

Looks at the ways in which the University of Birmingham is collaborating with regional partners to enhance entrepreneurial opportunities for students and provide benefits to local communities and the ...

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Start-up support in the Eastern arc, IN Phoenix, No 155 Oct 2018, p26 [2018]

Looks at collaboration between Essex, Kent and East Anglia universities to develop a business incubation event for students. Explains that the Eastern Arc Start-Up Weekender was created to engage and ...

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Educating the modern world (CBI/Pearson education and skills annual report) [2018] External document

Presents and discusses the results of the CBI's annual education and skills survey, examining employer's perception of the education system. Uses a survey conducted between July and August 2018, with ...

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Good growth for cities 2018 [2018] External document

Assesses the urban economic wellbeing of UK cities. Uses the Good Growth for Cities Index, first developed in 2008, to measure the performance of cities, Local Enterprise Partnership areas, combined a...

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Post-Brexit labour shortages for London sites, IN New Civil Engineer, Nov 2018, p14 [2018]

Looks at the potential impact of new immigration policies on the construction sector in London. Explains that more than 50% of non-UK construction workers are based in London, making up 44% of the con...

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Brewing and distilling in Scotland: economic facts and figures (SPICe briefing) [2018] Full document External document

Presents an overview of economic facts and figures about Scotland's brewing and distilling sectors, with the objective of aiding policy scrutiny and developments in these sectors. Sets out recent tren...

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Can cities outsmart the robots? The future of skills in UK cities [2018] External document

Explores changing skills needs and the ways in which cities can respond. Considers the ways in which demand for skills is changing in cities, indicating that demand varies across the country, that dif...

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3D printing in the Highlands and Islands: final report [2018] Full document External document

Presents the findings of research which examined the potential of Three-Dimensional (3D) printing in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Looks in particular at: global trends in 3D printing; the co...

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About early years: the independent sector research programme - annual report 2017/18 [2018] External document

Reviews the early years sector in England. Looks at quality and capacity in the sector, including: the supply base; whether the sector is consolidating; the top fifteen nursery groups; movement in th...


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