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Post study work visa options: an international comparative review [2019] Full document External document

Reviews literature examining how the UK’s post-study work offer compares with those of competitor countries. Draws on sources including academic literature, governmental websites, statistical database...

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Nurturing the next generation (workforce), IN Local Government Chronicle, No 7744 Jul 2019, pp60-61 [2019]

Explores how to attract and retain talented people in local government senior officer roles. Describes how working in local government, particularly in rural areas, is perceived as being increasingly ...

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State of small business Britain report 2019 [2019] External document

Presents three reports on the current state of small business in the UK. Reports on SME trends focusing on: business confidence; job creation and destruction; entrepreneurship; and firm growth. Consid...

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Teacher mobility in challenging areas: research report [2019] Full document External document

Explores potential interventions to attract good teachers to work in schools in challenging areas or circumstances, drawing on analysis of survey and other data looking at teacher attitudes. Outlines ...

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Recruitment: the new reality, IN Architects' Journal, Vol 246 No 10 30 May 2019, pp62-65 [2019]

Reports from a roundtable discussing the challenges faced by the architecture sector, which includes a skills shortage exacerbated by uncertainty over Brexit. Finds that there has been a fall in appli...

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Automation and new tasks: how technology displaces and reinstates labor, IN Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol 33 No 2 Spring 2019 [2019] External document

Presents a task-based conceptual framework for exploring the implications of new technology for labour demand and productivity. Outlines the development and impact of automation technology and its imp...

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Refugees and the UK labour market (Economic Integration of Refugees in the UK Ref 04 2019) [2019] External document

Explores labour market and other related outcomes of refugees who migrated to the UK for asylum reasons. Finds that asylum migrants are likely to earn less and work fewer hours than UK-born and other ...

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What do graduate employers want in a Curriculum Vitae? Designing a student-friendly CV rubric that captures employer consensus [2019] Full document External document

Uses semi-structured interviews and a strategy of interpretive enquiry with graduate employers to create a rubric for ideal CVs, identifying elements that would lead to shortlisting and rejection. Foc...

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Women in business and management: the business case for change [2019] External document

Presents the results of a global survey of enterprises focusing on the growing share of women’s participation in the labour force. Indicates that enterprises with equal opportunity policies and gender...

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Public investment, public gain: how public investment in the arts generates economic value across the creative industries and beyond [2019] External document

Examines the ways in which the investment of public money in the arts generates economic value for the UK. Provides a snapshot with key facts and statistics highlighting the economic impact of arts an...


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