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Automation and new tasks: how technology displaces and reinstates labor, IN Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol 33 No 2 Spring 2019 [2019] External document

Presents a task-based conceptual framework for exploring the implications of new technology for labour demand and productivity. Outlines the development and impact of automation technology and its imp...

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Public investment, public gain: how public investment in the arts generates economic value across the creative industries and beyond [2019] External document

Examines the ways in which the investment of public money in the arts generates economic value for the UK. Provides a snapshot with key facts and statistics highlighting the economic impact of arts an...

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Scotland's demographic challenge [2019] Full document External document

Explores the implications of Scotland's ageing demographic structure for meeting future labour market demand. Describes the context for the study, highlighting the public policy challenges presented b...

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Automation risk lies in quality of work, IN Agenda NI, No 94 Apr/May 2019, pp22-23 [2019]

Summarises the findings of a report by the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) on the impact of automation on the future of work and employment in Northern Ireland. Estimates that 60,000 jobs in ...

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People and machines: from hype to reality [2019] External document

Explores the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation on the workplace and business investment in the UK. Describes the 'fourth industrial revolution' and the emerging work technology lan...

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Technology scenario: employment implications of radical automation [2019] External document

Explores the impact on employment of accelerated application of automation and digital technologies across Europe. Outlines the context for the study highlighting the uncertainties around the extent t...

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“It’s not just another initiative: it’s what we are” (Improving staff engagement), IN People Management, Apr 2019, pp22-23 [2019]

Details the work of the North East London NHS Foundation Trust’s executive director Bob Champion in improving the HR function of the organisation. Explains that when he joined the organisation in 201...

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Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace, IN Training Journal, Mar 2019, pp28-29 [2019]

Explores the ways in which organisations can recruit and support neurodiverse talent. Defines neurodiversity as a term that encapsulates all people who think differently to the majority, including tho...

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Kitchen talent: training and retaining the chefs of the future [2019] External document

Examines the skills gaps for kitchen chefs in London and presents proposals to cultivate local talent to address skills needs. Outlines the context for the study, highlighting the economic importance ...

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“You say you’re inclusive…but would you welcome me into your team?” (Transgender people), IN People Management, Oct 2019, pp26-29, 31-32 [2019]

Reports on the workplace experiences of transgender people who have transitioned, noting that human resource professionals are not only less likely to understand or feel comfortable around them, but c...


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