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Labour market outlook: views from employers - summer 2018 [2018] External document

Analyses survey responses from 1,002 employers in the UK which covers issues such as market trends, employment, skills, recruitment, staff retention, and the impact of Brexit. Shows that employment re...

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A tech mindset is the engineering qualification that matters [2018] External document

Reports on new technology in the engineering industry with the aim of understanding how this will impact skills training and development. Highlights the possibility of automation replacing jobs in th...

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Skills forecast: trends and challenges to 2030 [2018] Full document External document

Presents the results and findings of skill supply and demand projections which provide information about the current structure of Europe’s labour market and potential future trends. Includes analysis ...

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Growing the UK’s creative industries: what creative enterprises need to thrive and grow [2018] External document

Explores the key issues affecting growth by creative industries in the UK, drawing on the results of a survey of creative enterprises. Outlines the key features of the UK's creative industries, highli...

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Digital transformation: assessing the impact of digitalisation on Ireland's workforce [2018] External document

Examines the impact that the adoption of digital technologies will have on sectors, occupations and regions in Ireland over the period 2018 to 2023. Outlines the context for the study, highlighting di...

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How are schools developing real employability skills? [2018] External document

Looks at how schools are developing employability skills among pupils. Draws on: existing literature assessing the skills and behaviours young people need to find work and progress in the workplace; d...

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The prospects for skills and employment in an age of digital disruption: a cautionary note (SKOPE research paper no 127) [2018] Full document External document

Reviews research evidence on the prospects for skills and employment, in particular potential job losses, in the UK as a consequence of digital disruption. Explores competing claims on the relationshi...

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Made it happen: enterprise and entrepreneurship education in Scottish higher education [2018] Full document External document

Presents a follow-up report to ‘Making it Happen’ (2015) in which the 19 higher education institutions in Scotland committed to supporting enterprise and entrepreneurship. Assesses the progress the un...

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The rules of the game (use of gamification methods), IN Human Resources (HR Technology Supplement 8 Nov 2018), pp21-22 [2018]

Looks at the use of gamification methods in human resource (HR) management. Explains the introduction of gaming elements such as winning points and topping leaderboards in carrying out HR and learnin...

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Focus: digital and IT, IN MJ, 30 Nov 2018, pp24-25 [2018]

Notes that, while Dorset Council's Partnership revised its recruitment processes to help recruit in digital skills, it also ran a digital ideas campaign to help give all employees an opportunity to de...


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