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The state of the adult social care sector and workforce in England [2018] External document

Provides information about the adult social care sector in England. Reports that adult social care is a growing sector that, in 2017, had around 21,200 organisations with 41,000 care providing locatio...

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Staying ahead: are international students going down under? [2018] External document

Reports the results of an inquiry by the higher education commission, looking at how higher education (HE) could be grown to deliver the government’s 2020 target to expand revenue from international H...

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Economic benefits of vocational education: an update (In focus) - 2nd edition [2018]

Discusses the benefits of vocational education and training (VET). Explains that the UK has relatively low participation in vocational education compared to other countries, but that it is becoming in...

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Ready for the off (results of building contractor salary survey), IN Building, No 46 16 Nov 2018, pp24-27 [2018]

Looks at the key issues affecting professional contractors in the construction industry, drawing on the findings of a survey of professionals employed by building contractors. Identifies the ongoing s...

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Fair care: a workforce strategy for social care [2018] Full document External document

Examines the challenges facing the social care workforce in England and the evidence of the growing social care workforce crisis. Explains that adult social care currently provides 1.3 million jobs i...

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Spotlight on studios (shortage of film and TV studio space), IN Property Week, (Industrial and Logistics, 16 Nov 2018 Supplement), pp28,30 [2018]

Reports on the shortage of high-quality film and TV studio space in the UK and especially London. Explains that many of the most skilled technical film workers are based in the UK which is why London ...

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Men's mental health and work: the case for a gendered approach to policy [2018] External document

Looks at men's mental health in the workplace. Examines some of the structural and labour market changes over recent years that have influenced men's role in the workplace and considers the impact on ...

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Seizing the momentum: mental health at work 2018 summary report [2018] External document

Summarises the results of a national mental health at work survey. Finds that: three out of five employees (61%) have experienced mental health issues due to work or where work was a related factor; 6...

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Good growth for cities 2018 [2018] External document

Assesses the urban economic wellbeing of UK cities. Uses the Good Growth for Cities Index, first developed in 2008, to measure the performance of cities, Local Enterprise Partnership areas, combined a...

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The development of a methodology to investigate the workplace learning of ‘newly qualified’ in-service teachers in FE, IN 14-19 Learning and Skills Bulletin, No 275 17 Oct 2018, pp17-18 [2018]

Looks at a developing a method to track and support the progress of newly qualified teachers in the further education (FE) sector in England. Outlines the difficulties in monitoring and supporting ne...


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