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FE and skills across the four countries of the UK: new opportunities for policy learning [2018] External document

Presents an overview of further education in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Presents profiles of each country, including information on further education and skills policies. Looks at ...

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Career and technical education: current policy, prominent programs, and evidence [2018] External document

Reflects on the available evidence supporting career and technical education (CTE) in the United States. Explains that that the skills today’s employers need are not the ones schools are providing ade...

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Labour market outcomes of older versus younger apprentices: a comparison of earnings differentials (Discussion paper no 016) [2018] External document

Compares the earnings of people who have completed an apprenticeship with those who started at the same level but did not complete. Describes how the number of people starting an apprenticeship who ar...

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The case for a systemic approach to digital skills [2018] External document

Makes the case for a systemic approach to the development of a locally led, sustainable ‘digital ecosystem’. Observes that, while most of the UK’s adults now use the internet, there remains a persiste...

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A modern look at apprenticeships, IN Holyrood, No 409 24 Sep 2018, pp34-35 [2018]

Reports on the Skills and Apprenticeships in Scotland event hosted by the Scottish Government. Describes how the number of people going to university has risen dramatically and highlights the potentia...

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Adult participation in learning, IN Basic and Workplace Skills Bulletin, No 308 24 Sep 2018, pp11-13 [2018]

Reports on the 2017 Learning and Work Institute survey which investigates adult participation in learning in the UK, inquiring over the demographics, motivations, benefits, and barriers to adult learn...

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Marketisation in English further education: the challenges for management and leadership, IN Basic and Workplace Skills Bulletin, No 308 24 Sep 2018, pp14-18 [2018]

Assesses the impact of marketisation in English further education. Describes how English further education colleges are free from local authority control which has led to a market developing for appre...

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Accessible virtual learning environments: making the most of the new regulations [2018] External document

Reports on new digital accessibility regulations put in place in September 2018 and offers guidance on how further and higher education providers and the UK Government can best implement the regulatio...

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Staying ahead: are international students going down under? [2018] External document

Reports the results of an inquiry by the higher education commission, looking at how higher education (HE) could be grown to deliver the government’s 2020 target to expand revenue from international H...

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Vocational skills, IN Special Children, No 244 Sep/Oct 2018, pp11-13 [2018]

Examines how pupils with learning and physical disabilities at Saxon Hill Academy have picked up vocational skills by working for Saxon Hill Connect: a community interest company that transforms recyc...


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