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Motivated to achieve: how encounters with the world of work can change attitudes and improve academic attainment [2019] External document

Reports on the outcome of a pilot study into the effect careers talks have on young people’s attitudes to school and their attainment at GCSE level. Draws on data from 650 students in their GCSE year ...

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Skills shortages in the UK economy: Edge bulletin 4 [2019] External document

Provides information on skills shortages drawing on data from surveys and reports including the Department of Education’s Employer Skills Survey. Looks at the skills employers are looking for and how ...

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A new vision for further and higher education: essay collection [2019] External document

Presents a collection of essays written by academics and researchers which discuss the way forward for further and higher education (FE and HE) in the UK. Covers the following topics: a National Educa...

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Graduate choices in post-education jobs and careers: a literature review (DFE-RR857) [2019] Full document External document

Examines the career choices graduates make and how this links to their decisions when in higher education. Draws on a review of databases and literature gathered from websites, covering stakeholders, ...

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Inspirational practices for tomorrow’s inclusive digital world (Technical dossier no. 10) [2019] Full document External document

Presents a selection of examples of projects and programmes funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) that have been implemented in EU countries to develop digital skills amongst their citizens. Uses e...

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Scotland's colleges 2019 [2019] External document

Examines the financial health and performance of the college sector in Scotland. Presents key messages and recommendations to colleges, regional bodies, Scottish Funding Council and Scottish Governmen...

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The Post-18 education review (the Augar Review) recommendations (House of Commons Library briefing paper no 8577) [2019] External document

Provides briefing information about the Augar review of post-18 education and funding in England published in May 2019 (see Ref No: B52936). Outlines the background to and aims of the review, the stru...

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Adopting global skills innovation for the UK [2019] External document

Looks at global innovation in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and skills, including an examination of skills competitions, drawing out lessons for UK policymakers and practition...

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Attitudes of higher education applicants, students and graduates towards the student finance system [2019] Full document External document

Presents the findings of a survey exploring the attitudes of applicants, students and graduates towards the student finance system. Uses a 15-minute quantitative online survey with applicants, student...

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Choices that students make between different post-18 routes and whether these choices are effective and reliably informed: review of relevant literature and evidence - final report [2019] Full document External document

Presents a review of literature and evidence into choices that students make between academic, technical, and vocational routes after 18, and whether these choices are effective and reliably informed...


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