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Developing a four nations college blueprint for a post-Brexit economy [2019] External document

Sets out the central role colleges can play in meeting the priorities of the UK: improving productivity; developing the workforce; and giving citizens the opportunity to learn new skills throughout li...

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Improving access for the most able but least likely: evaluation of the Realising Opportunities programme [2019] External document

Presents findings from an evaluation of the Realising Opportunities (RO) programme, a programme led by Newcastle University that involves a collaboration of universities who have made a commitment to ...

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The impact of selective secondary education on progression to higher education: occasional paper no 19 [2019] External document

Examines the impact of selective grammar schools in England on progression to higher education, considering various groups of pupils and focusing particularly on progression to highly-selective educat...

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The Baker clause: one year on [2019] External document

Examines the impact of a new legal requirement to improve access by education and training providers to school pupils to inform them about technical education and apprenticeship opportunities. Outline...

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A new start? Negotiations of age and chrononormativity by older apprentices in England, IN Ageing and Society, Vol 38 No 8 Aug 2018, pp1667-1692 [2019]

Explores the experiences of older workers undertaking an apprenticeship in England, drawing on qualitative research involving older apprentices and managers/trainers. Outlines the policy context, indi...

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Apprenticeships and skills policy in England (House of Commons Library briefing paper no 03052) [2019] Full document External document

Looks at developments in apprenticeships and skills policy in England since 2015. Outlines the current apprenticeship system including minimum wage, employee rights and standards. Describes key polic...

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Explaining gender-typed educational choice in adolescence: the role of social identity, self-concept, goals, grades, and interests, IN Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vol 110 Part A Jan 2019, pp54-71 [2019] External document

Investigates the gender differentiated selection of fields of study by males and females in the context of the large gender segregation of the labour market. Reports that women are underrepresented i...

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Who cares? Building the care workforce of the future [2018] External document

Looks at the workforce challenges in social care and proposes practical steps that organisations can take to tackle them. Notes that while developing and maintaining a sustainable workforce is key to ...

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Labour market outlook: views from employers - summer 2018 [2018] External document

Analyses survey responses from 1,002 employers in the UK which covers issues such as market trends, employment, skills, recruitment, staff retention, and the impact of Brexit. Shows that employment re...

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FE and skills across the four countries of the UK: new opportunities for policy learning [2018] External document

Presents an overview of further education in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Presents profiles of each country, including information on further education and skills policies. Looks at ...


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